How old are the participants?
Games participants must be between 13 - 16 by July 31.  

Will there be an extension of the age requirement because of COVID-19?
There will be no extension of the age requirement. 

What is required for an athlete or artist to participate?
~ Must be Jewish and have at least one Jewish parent
~ Must travel to the host community with the delegation and stay the entire time
~ Must participate in all daily events
~ Must stay with host families
~ Can only participate in one sport
~ Must adhere to the Code of Conduct
~ Must complete required registration/payment

Do I need to be a member of the JCC to participate?
No. The JCC Maccabi Games is open to all Jewish athletes in Metro Detroit.

Do athletes/artists need to be Jewish?
Yes, all JCC Maccabi participants must have at least one Jewish parent.

We have an event/my child is at camp/we will be on vacation/we need to arrive late/leave early...
All participants must travel to the host community with the delegation on Sunday and remain for the entire duration of the JCC Maccabi Games and ArtsFest.  Participants can be released to their parents on Friday morning. Details on that will be sent out closer to the event.

What if my child has a prior commitment during the summer and can’t attend practice?
We encourage all participants to get the most of their summer vacation.  We ask that you share their availability with the coach. 

Can I change my child's ticket as we would like to extend our vacation?
Yes, details on that will be sent out closer to the event.

How do I register my athlete?
There will be a link from the home page.  In addition, registration information will be emailed to all participants. 

How are teams chosen?
There will be a meeting with information on tryouts. All athletes are required to attend at least one tryout.  Decisions are not necessarily based solely on talent and are up to the coach. For teams with open roster spots, selection is on a first-come first-served basis.

When will I hear from the coach?
Athletes will hear from their coach within 2 weeks of the last tryout date. Please note, we encourage athletes to tryout for multiple sports, however, athletes can only participate in one sport.

What happens from the time an athlete makes the team until the Games?
There will be practice, community service and get togethers to meet the other Detroit participants.

Is there a rule on the amount of playing time each athlete will have?
No.  Playing time should be fair which is not necessarily equal.  

How much is it this year?

Will scholarships be available?
Yes.  Scholarship details will be emailed to all participants with the registration information. 

​What other delegations, besides US and Israel, will be attending?
We will not know until we hear from the host community.

Will there be enough adult chaperons?
JCC Association requires at least an 8:1 participant to adult ratio.  Detroit's ratio is much smaller.

Will there be accommodations for allergies?
We will get further information from the host communities regarding their allergy policy/menu and share that as soon as we have it.  Please be thorough and clear on allergies on the registration site AND on the JCC Maccabi physical form.

What will be the COVID-19 safety protocols?
As soon as we get this information from JCCA and the host community, we will pass it on.

Will my athlete need to be vaccinated?
As soon as we get this information from JCCA and the host community, we will pass it on.

Can families attend the Games?
Yes – they will need to register for Spectator Credentials.  There is a fee.  Details will be sent with the registration information.

If I have further questions, who can I contact?
If you have ANY questions at all about any aspect of the Games, please contact your coach or click here.