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About the JCC Maccabi Games

The JCC Maccabi Games® is the largest Jewish youth event in the world. From July 28 to August 2, 2024, our community will welcome 1,200 Jewish teens from across the globe and involve thousands of members from our own community, including 400 host families, 1,000 volunteers and 200 local athletes.

Established in 1982, The JCC Maccabi Games® were designed to:

  • Provide Jewish youth with a supportive environment that fosters mutual respect and sportsmanship, where they can interact in an atmosphere of fun, democracy and peace
  • Cultivate a deeper understanding and instill an appreciation of Jewish values
  • Promote and encourage the health, physical fitness and well-being of Jewish youth through participation in recreational and athletic activities
  • Learn the values of teamwork, integrity, cultural pride, community service and lifelong friendship

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Get In The Games

Be A Host

Get In The Games

The host family experience is a unique aspect of the JCC Maccabi Games® and an integral part of the participants’ experiences. The hospitality offered by local Jewish families makes visiting athletes feel at home. Host families, including family members of all ages, have the chance to experience the Games personally by enjoying a special relationship with these athletes that often lasts years beyond the event.

Being a host family involves providing:

  • Housing for at least two visiting athletes
  • Daily breakfast and two dinners
  • Morning and evening transportation, Monday through Thursday morning to the Games venues or The J and nightly pick-up
  • Access to laundry facilities
  • A fun evening on Host Family Night

You will be asked to attend a host family orientation meeting in May or June 2024 at The J and fill out an online registration when the site goes live in January 2024.

This is an incredible opportunity to be at the heart of the JCC Maccabi Games® experience.

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Be An Athlete

Detroit-area Jewish teens are invited to join our local delegation.

Team Detroit Eligibility

  • Age 12 – 16 (as of July 31, 2024)
  • Complete all registration materials
  • Host two or more visiting athletes

As a member of our local delegation, you will experience marching into the Opening Ceremony while representing Detroit, compete and collaborate in sports with teens from other delegations, celebrate, and make new friends at evening social events.

All local athlete families will be asked to house at least two visiting athletes. Opening your home for hospitality is considered one of the highest mitzvahs one can do.

Questions about our local delegation can be directed to [email protected].

Get Involved Scholarships

Sports Offerings

Team Sports

  • Boys Baseball
  • Boys Basketball
  • Girls Basketball
  • 3v3 Boys Basketball
  • Boys and Girls Soccer
  • Girls Volleyball
  • Ice Hockey

Individual Sports

  • Boys and Girls Dance
  • Boys and Girls Golf
  • Boys and Girls Star Reporter
  • Boys and Girls Swimming
  • Boys and Girls Table Tennis
  • Boys and Girls Tennis
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Be a Volunteer

We need 1,000 committed and responsible volunteers ages 18 or older to work with our professional staff in planning and facilitating the 2024 JCC Maccabi Games®. Whether you can spare an hour or a year, we have a place for you.

You will be asked to attend a volunteer orientation meeting in May or June 2024 at The J and fill out an online registration when the site goes live in January 2024.

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Sports Schedules / Results

Be a spectator

Host Family FAQ

Yes. All athletes must be housed in a Jewish home, meaning there must be at least one Jewish adult/parent living in the household.

No. A Kosher home is not required.

You must house a minimum of two athletes, but you are welcome to house more than two.

No. All Jewish families are welcome to host athletes.

Yes. All Jewish families are welcome to sign up to host athletes.

No. Athletes are coming to the Games to participate. They will not have time to babysit.

No problem. You’ll only need to drop off your athletes in the morning and pick them up in the late evening. We will provide transportation throughout the day.

Yes. The housing committee goes through an extensive process to match athletes to appropriate host families.

You can request both gender and sports, but these requests are not guaranteed.

Air mattresses may be used, and we can provide these if necessary. All we require is that athletes have separate beds.

Local Athletes FAQ

Athletes participating in the Detroit delegation will need to host at least two athletes.

No. The JCC Maccabi Games® are open to the Jewish community.

Yes. In fact, we encourage every athlete to attend an evaluation for more than one team sport and/or individual sport.

No. All athletes will make a team. We encourage you to attend evaluations for multiple sports. Please be sure to secure your spot at Jlive.

We encourage everyone to try out for all the sports they’re interested in.

Yes. Each coach will determine their own practice schedule.

Yes. All JCC Maccabi athletes must be Jewish, but anyone can volunteer to help. Jewish is defined as the following: (i) the participant’s mother is Jewish, (ii) the participant is a convert to Judaism; or (iii) if the father is the only Jewish parent, the participant is eligible if they have been brought up Jewish.

Yes. You must be between the ages of 12 and 16 as of July 31, 2024, for any JCC Maccabi sport.

Kroger shoppers can use the Kroger Community Project to support athletes at the JCC Maccabi Games®. Donate a percentage of all your purchases, at no cost to you, by visiting

No. You must commit to the entire week.

No. There is a charge that includes the cost of your delegation apparel, food, transportation and entertainment, as well as administrative expenses.

No. Please speak directly with your coach.

Please contact Jason Plotkin, Local Detroit Delegation Head, at 713-705-6942 or [email protected].

No. Due to scheduling conflicts, athletes can only participate on one team.

Volunteer FAQ

That’s okay. We’ll have meetings to discuss scheduling at a future date.

Not at all! Volunteers are needed in multiple areas, from food service to closing ceremonies.

No. We will not have babysitting services available. However, we can work around your schedule when determining your shifts.

No. The entire community is invited to take part in the Games, although the athletes/host families who participate need to be Jewish.

No. We do not recommend you volunteer when your child is competing in an event, because you will most likely want to support your child and attend their event. However, there will be many opportunities for you to volunteer when your child is not competing.

Yes. We will need many volunteers and any availability is appreciated.

We’ll provide you with a complimentary volunteer T-shirt, which should be worn whenever you’re working a volunteer shift.

Yes. Parking should be available at all venues. However, volunteers should secure a complimentary parking pass.

Absolutely! We’re always looking for volunteers to assist in the planning of the Games.

Security FAQ

The host community works closely with a wide variety of local, state and federal agencies to determine the security needs for the Games.

Credentials are visible identification badges for athletes and coaches to help the host’s security team determine who should be admitted into venues, and to help keep venues secure. Credentials also provide the participants’ medical information, delegation head and parental contact information on the back. If credentials are lost, replacement credentials are available at Maccabi Central. Spectators are also required to obtain a spectator pass, which permits them entry into Games venues and opening ceremonies only.

Yes. Events will be held at several sites in and around The J, in addition to opening and closing ceremonies and evening events. There will be security personnel to assure that participants get to and from the various venues and events in a timely and safe manner.

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